April 2024

It’s been a pretty busy month with adding features to our platform. Most notably our Student Portal has gone live. However, we’ve continued working on a number of other improvements, which are summarised below.

New Features

  • Student Portal – with details, attendance, grading records, class schedule change requests, and announcements
  • Added new class dashboard functionality, which introduces statistical analysis on a per-class basis
  • Added functionality to mark students on a class/register as an instructor, therefore removing them from statistical analysis
  • Introduced a new student dashboard page, which allows quicker and easier overview of a student’s current activity
  • Introduced a new consent report, allowing staff members to have an overview of all consent statuses through a handy user interface


  • Improved register functionality and user experience on mobile and added links to todays/yesterdays registers on the dashboard
  • Improved the registration and team invitation user journey
  • Added visibility of class specific statistics to the club dashboard
  • Improved the Revenue Report by introducing class running costs and introducing a new user interface to view this report as well as maintaining previous export capabilities
  • Improved attendance reporting by introducing a more intuitive user interface and more customisable capabilities
  • Improved data view pagination for larger clubs
  • Improved the user interface for Two Factor Authentication
  • Tag assignment UI now has the ability to mass assign tags to inactive students

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with advanced search for students on mobile which was preventing the bottom of the screen from being seen
  • Resolved intermittent bug on class creation
  • Resolved registration screen bug on club creation
  • Fixed an email verification bug whereby users could be logged out for clicking a verification link once they were already verified and logged in
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