The back office is complicated enough. Here is our simple pricing. Pricing is based on active* students and users (team members).

Register for your account if you haven’t already and get using Johonbu immediately, set up billing before the end of your trial (don’t worry, we’ll remind you). Everybody gets a 30 day free trial. Need longer? Just let us know

More than 500 students?

If you have more than 500 students, we’d love to talk to you. Get in touch with us to arrange bespoke pricing for your organisation.

Contact us for bespoke pricing on [email protected]

Association Membership

Enjoy all the benefits of Johonbu for all your member classes, and have overall capability to access and contact students within your association.

Contact us for association pricing on [email protected]

We offer a 20% discount to qualifying non-profit clubs. To qualify for non-profit discount your club must be registered as one of the following: Charity, Community Interest Company, Company Limited by Guarantee, Community Amateur Sport Club.

*Active students is the number of students who are actively training with you, generally determined as have attended a class within the last 4 weeks.

Your users are you staff members, who log into Johonbu, not your students.